The best beaches in Greece according to Lonely Planet – The Shipwreck stands out!

Blue waters, thick, golden sand and a calm that calms you. This is how countless beaches in our country could be described.

Greece is full of heavenly beaches, each with a unique feature. Another has pink sand and crystal clear waters, another white pebble with blue sea and another emerald wave crashing on the shore. Lonely Planet, wanting to give a taste of Greece to its readers.

Shipwreck, Zakynthos

“Isolated, protected by vertical rocks, with bright blue waters”, notes the travel website for the famous beach of Zakynthos.

Myrtos, Kefalonia

“From afar it is definitely an amazing spectacle, with blue waters balancing with what appears to be white sand (actually pebbles). Unfortunately, the parking lot spoils the idyllic landscape. “Even so, it is a beautiful spot and once you are at sea it is paradise”,



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